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        With the spread of COVID-19 globally, it may be difficult for authors and reviewers to meet?CMAJ Open’s deadlines for returning revisions or reviews. Please feel free to contact us at? editorial-open{at}cmaj. ?if you require more time. Stay safe.

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        Latest Research

        A comparison of 3 frailty measures and adverse outcomes in the intake home re population: a retrospective cohort study
        Chi-Ling Joanna Sinn PhD, George Heckman MD MSc, Jeffrey W. Poss PhD and colleagues
        December 1, 2020

        A comparison of 3 frailty measures and adverse outcomes in the intake home re population: a retrospective cohort study

        In Ontario, nearly all home re patients are assessed with a brief clinil assessment (interRAI Contact Assessment [interRAI ]) on admission. This retrospective cohort study used linked patient-level assessment and administrative data to compare 3?frailty measures (CHESS-, AUA and FI-) that n be operationalized using the interRAI . The outcomes of interest were death, hospital admission and emergency department visits within 90?days, and assessor-rated need for comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA). In 2014, there were 228?679?unique adult home re patients in Ontario assessed with the interRAI . Controlling for age, sex and health region, being in a higher frailty level defined by any measure increased the likelihood of experiencing adverse outcomes. Among all assessments, CHESS- was best suited for predicting death and hospital admission, and either AUA or FI- for predicting perceived need for CGA. Previous emergency department visits were more predictive of future visits than frailty. Model fit was independent of whether the assessment was completed over the phone or in-person. Full?article

        lculating physician supply using a service day method and the income percentiles method: a descriptive analysis
        Terrence McDonald MD MSc, Brendan Cord Lethebe MSc, Lee A. Green MD MPH
        November 24, 2020

        lculating physician supply using a service day method and the income percentiles method: a descriptive analysis

        It is important to have an accurate count of physicians and a measurable understanding of their service provision for physician resource planning. This descriptive study compared 2 methods (income percentiles [IP] and service day [SVD]) for lculating the supply of full-time (FT) and part-time (PT) primary re physicians (PCPs) as measures of both physician supply counts and level of provider continuity in Alberta, nada. The 2?methods agreed on the FT versus PT status of 85.2% of PCPs in 2015?but disagreed on the status of 490?PCPs. A total of 239?PCPs were classified as working FT by the IP method but PT by the SVD method. Two hundred and fifty-one PCPs were classified as working PT by the IP method but FT by the SVD method. The former group of 239?PCP worked fewer days per week (3.22?v. 4.1) and fewer weekend days per year (8.6?v. 24.1), billed more per year ($300?327?v. $201?834) and saw more patients per day (26.78?v. 17.77), with less continuity of re (38.0% v. 72.0%) than the latter group of 251?PCPs. These groups provide very different service; policy-makers may benefit from distinguishing them, say the authors. Full?article

        nnabis-related driving and passenger behaviours among high school students: a cross-sectional study using survey data
        Melissa rpino MSc, Donald Langille MD MHSc, Gabriela Ilie PhD, Mark Asbridge PhD
        November 24, 2020

        nnabis-related driving and passenger behaviours among high school students: a cross-sectional study using survey data

        This cross-sectional study examined associations of perceived risk of regular nnabis use with driving under the influence of nnabis (DUIC) and riding with a nnabis-impaired driver (RWCD) using the results of the 2016–2017 nadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey. A total of 52?103?students in grades 7–12, from 117?school boards and 699?schools, participated in the survey (76% response rate). Among the 14?520?students in grades 11?and 12, greater perceived risk of regular nnabis use was associated with reduced risk of DUIC and RWCD in a dose–response manner. Students perceiving that regular nnabis use posed great risk had an adjusted relative risk (ARR) of 0.06 (95% confidence interval [CI] 0.04–0.10) of DUIC in the past 30 days and an ARR of 0.09 (95% CI 0.07–0.12) of RWCD in the past 30?days, compared with students perceiving that regular use posed no risk. Associations were consistent for male and female students, and for those living in urban and rural areas. Full?article

        More Research

        Health service use among Manitobans with alcohol use disorder: a population-based matched cohort study
        James M. Bolton MD, Christine Leong PharmD, Okechukwu Ekuma MSc and colleagues
        November 24, 2020

        Use of real-world evidence in ncer drug funding decisions in nada: a qualitative study of stakeholders' perspectives
        Marc Clausen MA, Chloe Mighton MSc, Ruhi Kiflen MPH and colleagues
        November 24, 2020

        Outcomes and clinil practice in patients with COVID-19 admitted to the intensive re unit in Montréal, nada: a descriptive analysis
        Stephen Su Yang MD MSc, Jed Lipes MD, Sandra Dial MD MSc and colleagues
        November 24, 2020

        Feasibility of identifying and describing the burden of earlyonset metabolic syndrome in primary re electronic medil record data: a cross-sectional analysis
        Jamie J. Boisvenue MSc, rlo U. Oliva BSc, Donna P. Man MD and colleagues
        November 24, 2020

        Trauma Resident Exposure in nada and Operative Numbers (TraumaRECON): a study protocol for a national multicentre study of operative, nonoperative and structured edutional exposures in nada
        Qian Shi MD, Angela Coates MEd, Paul T. Engels MD and colleagues
        November 16, 2020

        Association between continuity and access in primary re: a retrospective cohort study
        Lisa L. Cook PhD, Richard P. Golonka MSc, Charles M. Cook PhD and colleagues
        November 16, 2020

        Assessing readiness to manage intimate partner violence 12 months after completion of an edutional program in fracture clinics: a pretest–posttest study
        The EDUTE Investigators
        November 16, 2020

        Time trends and predictors of laboratory-confirmed recurrent and severe Clostridioides difficile infections in Manitoba: a population-based study
        Seth R. Shaffer MD MS, Zoann Nugent PhD, Andrew Walkty MD and colleagues
        November 16, 2020

        Cost-effectiveness of antithrombotic agents for atrial fibrillation in older adults at risk for falls: a mathematil modelling study
        Eric K.C. Wong MD, Christina Belza MN, David M.J. Naimark MD MSc and colleagues
        November 6, 2020

        Using the clinil chemistry score in the emergency department to detect adverse rdiac events: a diagnostic accuracy study
        Peter A. Kavsak PhD, Joshua O. Cerasuolo MSc, Dennis T. Ko MD MSc and colleagues
        November 2, 2020

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